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Where’s the closest Synagogue?

Can we place this in your fridge?

Can we have a lower-story room for the weekend?

As a hospitality expert, you probably come across these questions frequently from Religious Jewish guests who stay for Shabbat. Imagine what the response will be if you offer them a Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package.

The Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package is a full Shabbat experience in a box, containing everything your Jewish guests need for Shabbat. All the Shabbat foods are in the box, shelf-stable and ready to heat. This means that it does not need to be stored in the refrigerator- the package can be offered to the guest as is and will stay fresh until they are ready to use it. In addition, the Shabbos Package includes all the paper goods and other items needed for Shabbat.

The Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package keeps your Jewish weekend guests happy and provides you with a way to satisfy their needs.

Just another service you provide to make your guests feel at home.