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The Business Traveler

Traveling for business is always a drag. Late night meetings, end-of-the-week conferences, and being away from home all take its toll. After a tiring week of business travel, Shabbos preparation should be easy.

Enter Kosher Shopping Shabbos Packages. Our all-inclusive Shabbos Packages contain everything you need for a Shabbos away. All the food you need for your Shabbos Seudos, from gefilte fish to cholent, is in your package, shelf-stable and ready to heat with the best hechsherim. That means you don’t need to worry about keeping your food refrigerated! It stays fresh in the box. All you have to do before you eat is heat it for a few minutes, and it’s ready for you to enjoy.

Not only does the Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package have all the food you need for Shabbos, it also includes all the rest of the components necessary for a Shabbos Seudah. Beautiful silver Bechers, white tablecloths, paper goods, and a saltshaker are all part of your package. A candle lighting & Havdalah set are in your Shabbos Package as well, compactly packed for your convenience.

Traveling for Shabbos does not have to be a hassle. Your Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package is a complete Shabbos in a box, and it comes without the headache and stress of planning your Shabbos meals away.