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The Care Package

Being in the hospital for Shabbos can be a depressing experience, whether you are the patient or visitor. Besides for the challenge of being in the hospital, being away from home for Shabbos does not make it any easier. The lack of a Shabbos atmosphere and no access to Kosher and convenient Shabbos food can be very discouraging.

A Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package solves the problem. It is a full Shabbos experience in a box, containing everything you might need to make your Shabbos complete. You don’t need to worry about preparing your Shabbos meals or storing your food in the refrigerator, since all the food in the Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package is shelf-stable and ready to heat. That means it will stay fresh in the box until you use it. All you need to do is heat it up and your food is ready to eat. The food can be put on a hotplate as well.

Not only does the Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package have all the food one needs for Shabbos meals, it also includes all the rest of the components necessary for Shabbos. Beautiful silver Bechers, white tablecloths, paper goods, and a saltshaker are all part of your package. A candle lighting & Havdalah set are in your Shabbos Package as well, compactly packed for your convenience.

There’s no need to make a hospital stay harder than it should be. A Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package is the perfect way to create the Shabbos atmosphere in the hospital without having to worry about preparing it yourself.