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The Tourist

You booked your well-deserved vacation on a cruise, to Hawaii, a road trip, or wherever you like to go for some R&R. All the details are taken care of- except for one little thing. You need to figure out Shabbat. You need to work out how to bring everything you need for Shabbat along on your vacation. But it’s vacation, so you don’t want to be busy cooking your food and buying necessities on your trip.

The answer to your conundrum is the Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package- a complete Shabbat in a box. The Shabbos Package contains all the food you need for your Shabbat meals, from your chicken soup, to fish, to your main course. All the food in the package is shelf-stable, so you don’t need to worry about refrigeration. The food is non-perishable and stays fresh in the box. All you have to do is warm up the box, and your Shabbat food is ready to eat.

Keep your vacation a relaxing time, and get your Kosher Shopping Shabbos Package for a convenient and all-encompassing Shabbat on vacation.